2014 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference The 2014 Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference

December 4-6, 2014, Fuzhou, China



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Keynote Speech
Keynote 1: Software Defined Situation – A New Paradigm For Services Enterprise

Carl K. Chang
Iowa State University, USA

Carl K. Chang

In this talk I will try to establish software service engineering as a new discipline where software defined situations are considered the core concept for developing and evolving software service systems. In the modern-day computing environment such software service systems must be able to adapt to the dynamic and changing environment and the volatile nature of human-machine interaction in response to instant or delayed feedback from a service installation that nowadays is becoming more and more context aware. However, current context-aware service-centric models largely lack the capability to continuously explore human mental states that are largely hidden, yet often drive system evolution. This talk is based on my current research in Situ . In this study, I give situation a definition that requires information gathered from what human wants, how the user behaves, and which factors can be observed from the environments. Based on this framework, instant definition of individualized service requirements at runtime may become possible, and it may significantly shorten the service evolution cycle critical to a robust and responsive services industry. In the end, I will enumerate steep research challenges in order to develop a sound theory on software defined situations.

About the Speaker:

Carl K. Chang is Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Director of Software Engineering Laboratory at Iowa State University. He received a PhD in computer science from Northwestern University in 1982, and worked for GTE Automatic Electric and Bell Laboratories before joining the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1984. He joined Iowa State University in 2002 as Department chair of Computer Science, and completed three terms as its chairman in an eleven-year sprint. His research interests include requirements engineering, net-centric computing, situational software engineering and successful aging. Chang is 2004 President of IEEE Computer Society. Previously he served as the Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Software (1991-94). He received the Computer Society’s Meritorious Service Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, the Golden Core recognition, and the IEEE Third Millennium Medal. In 2006 he received the prestigious Marin Drinov Medal from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and was recognized by IBM with the IBM Faculty Award in 2006, 2007 and 2009. From 2007-2010 he served the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computer, the flagship publication of IEEE Computer Society. He is the 2012 recipient of the Richard E. Merwin Medal from the IEEE Computer Society. Most recently he was elected the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus by the National Central University in Taiwan, and received the 2014 Overseas Outstanding Contribution Award from China Computer Federation. Chang is an IEEE and AAAS Fellow, and member of the European Academy of Sciences.

Keynote 2: Enabling Big-Data Services

Zhen Liu
China Innovation Group, Microsoft Asia R&D Center

Zhen Liu

After more than a decade’s evolution and development, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become widely accepted in both IT industry and academia. SOA is particularly useful in the integration of loosely coupled services. In this talk we discuss service computing issues in big-data realms. More specifically, we discuss how to extend SOA to address challenges in dealing with analytics and data sharing. We illustrate architectures and mechanisms for analytics services and data services.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Zhen Liu is the Director and Head of China Innovation Group, Microsoft Asia R&D Center. Before joining Microsoft, Zhen was with Nokia as the Director of Nokia Research Center (NRC) Beijing, and then became the Director of NRC Growth Economies Lab. Prior to this experience, Zhen was with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and served as the senior manager of the Next Generation Distributed Systems department. Zhen was also a Research Director of INRIA (the French national research center on information and automation).
Zhen is a fellow of IEEE. He has published over 200 papers and obtained over 100 patents granted by US patent office. Zhen Liu was the general chair of the ACM Sigmetrics 2008 Conference, co-chair of ACM HotMetrics 2008, program co-chair of the Joint Conference of ACM Sigmetrics and IFIP Performance 2004, technical program co-chair of Sensorcomm 2009, and area technical program committee chair for INFOCOM 2008 and INFOCOM 2009. Zhen is on the editorial boards of several journals including IEEE Transactions on Service Computing and the Journal of Performance Evaluation.

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