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We submitted one measurement paper about GridCast to the IPTPS conference on Oct. 10, 2006.
I came back Wuhan to attend the UIC'06 conference in Sep. 2006
I went to Beijing and began my intern life in Microsoft Research Asia Lab since Sep. 2006.

We released the first web portal based on peer-to-peer on demand streaming service in CERNET of China, called HAOME, cooperating with the Computer Club of Huazhong Unviersity.

We released our Peer-to-Peer Video On-Demand Streaming System---GridCast V2.0.
I participated in the International Conference HPCAsia'05 in Beijing on Dec.1, 2005.
CNCC was hold by our lab in Wuhan.

On Sep. 2005, I went to Beijing to participate in the international conference ICYCS'05, holded by Beijing University of Technology.

I joined the peer-to-peer e-Learning group last summary. As a group leader, I started up our peer-to-peer Video On-Demand Streaming Project.
I am married on May 1. I am so happy to say goodbye to the single day.