Dr. Hui Lei

Title: Business Transformation with the Cloud and Big Data
Speaker: Dr. Hui Lei, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York, USA

Abstract: Cloud computing and big data are transforming the business operations in many enterprises. Until recently, it was commonly recognized that there were two distinct classes of enterprise applications: namely Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement. While Systems of Record are traditional enterprise systems that maintain core business data such as those related to transactions, user demographics, and pricing, Systems of Engagement leverage new mobile and social networking capabilities to support loose and ephemeral interactions across employees and customers. With the advent of cloud computing, it is possible to integrate Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement at an unprecedented scale and speed. Key business insight can be generated from such integration, which can then be exploited to transform the way enterprises conduct their business. This has led to a new class of emerging, high-value enterprise applications called Systems of Insight. In this talk, I will discuss several examples of Systems of Insight developed at IBM Research, including novel business solutions that make use of social analytics and telematics analytics. I will also present a common platform for System-of-Insight as a Service, which addresses some key challenges in managing Systems of Insight throughout the lifecycle of development, deployment, and runtime.

Speaker Biography: Hui Lei is Senior Manager of the Cloud Platform Technologies Department at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, and co-leads IBM's worldwide research strategy in cloud infrastructure services and cloud managed services. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and has assumed various management, strategy, and technical leadership roles at IBM Research. His broad research interest spans cloud computing, mobile computing, service-oriented computing, and business process management. His work has impacted numerous IBM software and services products, and has received extensive media coverage. Dr. Lei is Chair of IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems and is a member of the IEEE Computer Society Golden Core. He has participated in many international conferences as a General Chair, Program Chair, or keynote speaker. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, a steering committee member of the IEEE Cloud Computing magazine, and the steering committee chair of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Prof. Nong Xiao

Title: Emerging Memories Advancing Big Data
Speaker: Prof. Nong Xiao, National University of Defense Technology
(NUDT), China

Abstract: Big data challenges existing methods of data management and current computer design. As a foundation part of computer systems, storage plays a critical role in advancing big data applications, typically like data and knowledge analytics, computational scientific discovery and so on. However, compared to the fast development of computing technologies like multicore, multi-thread etc., the performance of storage evolves much more slowly and has become the bottleneck of the entire computer systems. With flash memories gaining popularity and other emerging non-volatile memories such as PCM, STT-RAM and RRAM etc. appearing, storage media has potentials to reshape systems for data storing and accessing, likely filling the gap between computing and storing.
In this talk, I will discuss typical emerging memories and expose their characteristics to storage system design. I will then highlight flash memories and provide some scenarios where they can be used regarding our research and experience of optimizing computer architecture and systems in the past. Additionally, since memristors have been attracting much attention, I will introduce some work we have done based on them. At last, I will predict storage development with a focus on storage class memories that may potentially unify memory and storage.

Speaker Biography: Nong Xiao is a Professor of School of Computing at National University of Defense Technology(NUDT) in China. He is now the Executive Deputy of State Key Laboratory of High-Performance Computing. He is also a Chang Jiang Scholar Professor of Ministry of Education, an awardee of Excellent Youth Award from the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He is the scientist of National 863 Key Program of High Performance Computer and Grid Service Environment in China, and a committee member of High-performance Computing and Storage of China Computer Federation (CCF).