Registration Information

1. Registration
Registration Form in RMB(PDF) (WORD)
Registration Form in USD(PDF) (WORD)

The conference registration fee includes the conference proceedings, access to all sessions, meals during the conference (not including any accommodation charge).

We provide author registration rate and attendee registration rate. At least one author of each accepted paper must register using the author registration rate to ensure that the paper is included in the LNCS proceedings or journal special issues.

2. Contact info.
Registration form and receipt of bank transfer should be scanned and emailed to (cc to Or you can contact with us via +86-27-87557047-8024 (Ms. Wu).

3. Cancellation Policy
No refunds will be allowed.

4. Invitation Letter and Visa Information

The conference will email an official invitation letter to each registered author upon a request. If you need the invitation letter, please email us your request as well as your affiliation, postal address and fax number. As soon as you receive the invitation letter, please apply for visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate/Visa Office in your country.

For more questions regarding registration, local arrangement and so on, please feel free to send email to (cc to

5. About Paper ID
For papers in main conf., the paper ID is " CloudComAsia-PaperID ", for example, CloudComAsia-65. Any incorrect use will lead to the registration failure.

6. About the Receipt
The hard copy registration receipts can only be picked up at the conference. For no-show papers, we do not provide the mail services of receipts.
Just for authors from mainland of China:
会后我们不提供收据/发票的邮寄服务。我们收到注册费后,会先将发票开好。因此,当你交纳注册费后,请务必给吴未(;027-87557047-8024)老师写封邮件,邮件上除了写明论文编号、作者等信息以外,另外请写清楚有关开具发票的信息:是开单位还是开个人还是两者都要,若开单位请提供单位的组织机构代码证号,若开个人请提供个人身份证号,如单位为“华中科技大学”,组织机构代码证号:“123456789”; 个人为“李明”,身份证号:“42010619820627xxxx”,如果单位个人都开则是“华中科技大学李明”,提供组织机构代码证和身份证号皆可;也请指明发票上的项目是写“会议注册费”还是“会议论文版面费”(如果不指明,我们会开具“会议注册费”)。