Honors and Awards

·        ACM e-Energy 2018 (supported by ACM SIGCOMM) Best Paper Award

·        五四青年奖章,华中科技大学, 2018

·        华为奖教金获得者,由华为技术有限公司在华中科技大学设立, 2017

·        National Program for Support of Top-Notch Young Professionals of National Program for Special Support of Eminent Professionals (国家高层次人才特殊支持计划(中组部万人计划)青年拔尖人才), issued by Central Organization Department of CPC, China, since 2014

·        Youth Scientist of National 973 Basic Research Program (国家重点基础研究发展计划973 “青年科学家项目), since 2014

·        MSRA StarTrack Visiting Young Faculty (微软亚洲研究院铸星计划”) in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Beijing, 2012-2013

·        华中科技大学2016年度十大“科技新星奖”, 2016

·        HUST Academic New Star Scholar Award (华中科技大学学术新人奖,全校2013年度28个院系青年教师中仅9人获得), 2013

·        HUAZHONG Scholar Honour (华中学者,特聘岗), 2014

·        Distinguished Young Scientist by ACM-Wuhan & Hubei Computer Society (ACM武汉和湖北省计算机学会联合颁发的首届学术新星奖), 2014

·        CHUTIAN Scholar (湖北省楚天学者计划”) of computer software and theory, Hubei Province, China, 2011

·        IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 Best Paper Award, one of the 14 best papers rigorously selected from 1070 papers, in Prof. of IEEE GLOBECOM, 2011

·        IEEE IUCC 2012 Best Paper Awards, in Prof. of 11th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications (IUCC), 2012

·        IEEE CloudCom 2012 Best Paper Nominee, in Prof. of 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), 2012

·        湖北省自然科学优秀学术论文奖(二等奖), 2014

·        湖北省优秀学士、硕士学位论文指导教师(Excellent B.S. and Master Dissertation Awards of Hubei Province)(My students: Zhi Zhou and Peng Shu), 2012-2014

·        华中科技大学科技创新优秀指导教师, 2014

·        华中科技大学2012届本科生优秀毕业设计(论文)一等奖指导教师, Student: 周知 (now my PhD student)

·        2013年华中科技大学暑期社会实践活动优秀指导教师

·        Visiting Professor of Simon Fraser Universiy, Canada, Aug - Oct. 2013

·        Visiting Professor of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Mar. 2013

·        Visiting Professor of City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Jun. 2013

·        Visiting Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technolgoy, Hong Kong, 2012

·        HKTIIT Post-Graduate Excellence Scholarships 2009/2010, The Hong Kong Telecom Institute of Information Technology (for outstanding achievement in the research area of networking and multimedia technologies)

·        HKUST Overseas Research Award 2009 (Oversea research at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada)

·        HKUST PhD Student Scholarship 2007 - 2011

·        HKUST Research Travel Grant 2008

·        Guanghua Scholarship for Study (2006), Second Scholarship for Study (2004), Third Scholarship for Progress in Study (2002), Tsinghua University