时间:2023-04-10 14:52:18

主题:Practical Vital Sign and Indoor Trajectory Sensing for Home-based Health Monitoring

嘉宾:叶凡 美国纽约州立大学石溪分校电子与计算机工程系 副教授

时间:2023年4月17日 下午16:00 – 17:00



Radios based sensing technologies can collect heart, respiration rates, and indoor trajectories without the cognitive and physical burden of wearable devices. However, the home environment presents many challenges to robust, efficient, longitudinal collection of such data: the non-linearity in signal channels, the disruption from body motions, and intensive human efforts in configuration. In this talk, we present three pieces of work intended for practical home deployment: a robust vital sign estimation method addressing the intermodulation caused by the non-linear interaction between respiration and heart rate signals, the decoupling of motion-induced corruption in heart and respiration signals thus their separate quality detection, and near zero configuration effort indoor trajectory tracking.


Fan Ye is an Associate Professor in the ECE department of Stony Brook University. His research interests include sensing platforms, systems and infrastructure for health care, smart aging, data-centric wireless communication, edge computing, Internet-of-Things, and location based services. He has published over 130 papers and 30+ granted/pending patents/applications with 14,000+ citations according to Google Scholar. He has received NSF CAREER award, Google Faculty Research Award, IBM Research Division Award, five IBM Invention Achievement Plateau awards, three Stony Brook CEAS Dean’s Millionaires’ Club Awards, Best Paper Awards for IEEE ICCP, ACM BCB, IEEE ICHI. He has been a panelist for US NSF, NIH and Canada, Hong Kong government funding agencies, and served on program/organizing committees for conferences including IEEE Infocom, IEEE ICDCS, ACM Mobicom, ACM Sensys, ACM/IEEE IWQoS.