Marie Lafaille学术报告通知
时间:2015-05-11 08:56:48
题目: The Life Imaging project from Sorbone Paris Cité university
Abstract: Biomedical imaging is a rapidly-evolving area at global level and generates data in an exponential way. The IDV project, from Sorbonne-Paris-Cité university, focuses on three high-priority objectives. Firstly it aims to validate imaging biomarkers in order to contribute actively to the development of personalized medicine and individualized education and secondly, to clarify social challenges of life imaging by rethinking ethical, juridical and economical issues raise by the management and the exploitation of biological and medical imaging. Thirdly, the project aims also to create a smart atlas of multi-modality and mutli-scale imaging to extract information from massive datasets (big data). To better understand the needs of the members and to build an atlas with a relevant software architecture, we conducted a survey to provide a comprehensive overview of scientifcs activities, methods and tools used by each team of the IDV community. The presentation will focus on each of the aforementioned topics to draw perspectives of the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary IDV research programme.
Bio: Marie Lafaille received her Phd from Paris 13 university in 2015, in Ethology. She is working as a Research Engineer for the IDV project (Life Imaging) which is a multidisciplinary research programme funded by USPC (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité), with about 200 researchers, from hospitals, Computer Science, Bio-imaging, Chemistry academic laboratories and Pharmaceutical companies. For the programme, she has deployed and analyzed a questionnaire to better understand the culture, the business processes and the life cycle of data used by the members of the programme.
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