时间:2015-10-26 08:59:19
题目: Exerting the Hidden Power of Compilers for Modern Computing---Experiences on GPU and Data Analytics
Born soon after the arrival of the first computer, as one of the oldest branches in Computer Science, Compiler Technology is often regarded as a mature field. Dr. Shen and his group have, however, discovered that some dramatic, hidden power of compilers has remained untapped especially for modern computing. When the power gets exerted, computing efficiency may improve by up to hundreds of times, and even automatic algorithm derivations become possible. In this talk, Dr. Shen will discuss the discovery by drawing on their recent experiences in optimizing GPU computing and data analytics.  
In addition, Dr. Shen will introduce the graduate program at NCSU, and answer questions on applications to that program.  
Xipeng Shen is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at North Carolina State University. He is a receipt of DOE Early Career Research Award, NSF CAREER Award, Google Faculty Research Award, and IBM Center for Advanced Studies Faculty Fellow. His research lies in the broad field of compiler and programming systems, with an emphasis on enabling data-intensive high performance computing and intelligent computing through innovations in both compilers and runtime systems.
Prior to joining NC State in 2014, Shen was the Adina Allen Term Distinguished Associate Professor at The College of William and Mary. He was a Visiting Scientist at MIT and Microsoft Research, and had served as a consultant to Intel Labs and Cisco. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Rochester in 2006, M.S. from Chinese of Academy of Sciences in 2001, and B.S. from the North China University of Technology in 1998.
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