时间:2015-07-20 10:55:32
题目: Cyberspace Security
Cyberspace is a synthetic, virtual “universe or social” system. It has been fully integrated into people's life and other aspects. Due to the limited human wisdom when designing such a complex system, there are still many problems in cybersecurity. What kind of theoretical foundation can be used to effectively and comprehensive to describe the complex system of security issues and phenomena (as in the physical sciences describe the universe as), which can greatly or the biggest change the status of cybersecurity? This is the fundamental problem we want to solve. The lecture given by Professor Shouhuai Xu shows the primary security problem and solutions of cybersecurity at the source.  
Shouhuai Xu is a full professor, in the Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio. His research is primarily in making cyberspace more secure and trustworthy. He is especially interested in mathematical modeling and analysis of macroscopic cybersecurity, and devising microscopic practical mechanisms including provably-secure cryptographic protocols to counter advanced cyber attacks (including malware). His research has been funded by AFOSR, ARO, NSF and ONR. He has served on the Program Committees of 80+ internationalconferences/workshops. He is currently an Associate Editor for IEEE TDSC and IEEE TIFS. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from Fudan University. Please refer to www.cs.utsa.edu/~shxu for more information about his research.
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