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TitleDeveloping the Graph-based Methods for Optimizing Job Scheduling on Multicore Computers

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It is common nowadays that multiple cores reside on the same chip and share the on-chip cache. Resource sharing may cause performance degradation of the co-running jobs. Job co-scheduling is a technique that can effectively alleviate the contention. Many co-schedulers have been developed in the literature, but most of them do not aim to find the optimal co-scheduling solution. Being able to determine the optimal solution is critical for evaluating co-scheduling systems. Moreover, most co-schedulers only consider serial jobs. However, there often exist both parallel and serial jobs in many situations. This talk presents our work to tackle these issues. In this work, a graph-based method is developed to find the optimal co-scheduling solution for serial jobs, and then the method is extended to incorporate parallel jobs. A number of optimization measures are also developed to accelerate the solving process. Moreover, a flexible approximation technique is proposed to strike the balance between the solving speed and the solution quality.



何黎刚博士为英国华威大学计算机系副教授。研究领域为高性能计算,并行分布式处理和大数据处理。在国际知名期刊(例如IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Journal of Computer and System Sciences等)和重要会议上(例如IPDPS, ICPP, ICSOC)发表上述领域的论文90余篇。何黎刚博士为多家国际期刊的编委或专刊客座编委(例如CCPE等),并经常担任国际会议的程序委员会成员及会议主席。

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