Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Accepted In
1IJPP-D-13.00184 Application of Demand Forecasting Methods at Computational Grids LNCS
2IJPP-D-13.00182 Efficient Multiple fields Range Query in Cloud Data Management System LNCS
3IJPP-D-13.00181 Mahasen: Distributed Storage Resource Broker Kishanthan Thangarajah LNCS
4IJPP-D-13.00175 A Parallel Exclusive Signature Matching Model Using Cloud Computing in Intrusion Detection LNCS
5IJPP-D-13.00173 Roadside Infrastructure Placement for Information Dissemination in Urban ITS Based on a Probabilistic Model LNCS
6IJPP-D-13.00172 Energy E.cient Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Computing LNCS
7IJPP-D-13.00166 Accelerating Parallel Frequent Itemset Mining on Graphics Processors with Sorting LNCS
8IJPP-D-13.00158 A Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm based on Graph Theory LNCS
9IJPP-D-13.00152 Access Annotation for Safe Program Parallelization LNCS
10IJPP-D-13.00148 A Rapid and Generic Way to Extract Threaded Traces in Simulation Environments LNCS
11IJPP-D-13.00147 A Network-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation Algorithm in Cloud Data Center LNCS
12IJPP-D-13.00142 Probablistic QoS Analysis of Web Services LNCS
13IJPP-D-13.00139 A Fine-grained Pipelined Implementation of LU Decomposition on SIMD Processors LNCS
14IJPP-D-13.00137 Research on the RRB+ tree for Resource Reservation LNCS
15IJPP-D-13.00134 A Novel Search Engine to Uncover Potential Victims for APT Investigations LNCS
16IJPP-D-13.00131 FRESA: a Frequency-sensitive Sampling-based Approach for Data Race Detection LNCS
17IJPP-D-13.00126 Asymmetry-Aware Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multi-core Architectures LNCS
18IJPP-D-13.00122 BotInfer: A Bot Inference Approach by Correlating Host and Network Information LNCS
19IJPP-D-13.00119 Speeding up Galois Field Arithmetic on Intel MIC Architecture LNCS
20IJPP-D-13.00118 Relay Hop Constrained Rendezvous Algorithm for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks LNCS
21IJPP-D-13.00117 Evaluating Energy Efficient HPC Cluster for Scientific Workloads LNCS
22IJPP-D-13.00116 Analyzing the Characteristics of Memory Subsystem on Two different 8-way NUMA Architectures LNCS
23IJPP-D-13.00114 One-to-one disjoint path covers in DCell LNCS
24IJPP-D-13.00112 Scalable-Grain Pipeline Parallelization Method for Multi-Core Systems LNCS
25IJPP-D-13.00110 ITC-LM: a Smart Iteration-Termination Criterion Based Live Virtual Machine Migration LNCS
26IJPP-D-13.00106 A Scheduling Method for Migration in Cloud Multiple Virtual Machines LNCS
27IJPP-D-13.00104 Totoro: A Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Data Center Network by Using Backup Port LNCS
28IJPP-D-13.00101 On-demand Proactive Defense against Memory Vulnerabilities LNCS
29IJPP-D-13.00097 Software / hardware Hybrid Network-on-Chip Simulation on FPGA LNCS
30IJPP-D-13.00096 Accelerating Metric Space Similarity Joins with Multi-core and Many-core Processors LNCS
31IJPP-D-13.00095 An Effective Approach for Vocal Melody Extraction From Polyphonic Music on GPU LNCS
32IJPP-D-13.00094 Total Exchange Routing on Hierarchical Dual-Nets LNCS
33IJPP-D-13.00092 Efficiency of Flexible Rerouting Scheme for Maximizing Logical Arrays LNCS
34IJPP-D-13.00091 A Cloud Resource Allocation Mechanism Based on Mean-variance Optimization and Double Multi-Attribution Auction LNCS
35IJPP-D-13.00089 Modified incomplete Cholesky preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm on GPU for three-dimensional structure-preserving algorithm LNCS
36IJPP-D-13.00080 An Application-level Priority Scheduling for Many-Task Computing in Multi-user Heterogeneous environment LNCS
37IJPP-D-13.00079 An efficient crosstalk-free routing algorithm based on permutation decomposition for optical multi.log2N switching networks LNCS
38IJPP-D-13.00073 Partition-based Hardware Transactional Memory for Many-core Processors LNCS
39IJPP-D-13.00068 Conditional Diagnosability of Complete Josephus Cubes LNCS
40IJPP-D-13.00063 Circular Dimensional-Permutations and Reliable Broadcasting for Hypercubes and Möbius Cubes LNCS
41IJPP-D-13.00183 An Adaptive Sampling Mechanism for Partitioning in MapReduce IJPP(pending)
42IJPP-D-13.00169 Data Reduction Analysis for Climate Data Sets IJPP(pending)
43IJPP-D-13.00164 CCAP: A Cache Contention-Aware Virtual Machine Placement Approach for HPC Cloud IJPP(pending)
44IJPP-D-13.00162 A Parallel Job Execution Time Estimation Mechanism Based on User Submission Patterns within Computational Grids IJPP(pending)
45IJPP-D-13.00149 A Virtualization Based Monitoring System for Mini-intrusive Live Forensics IJPP(pending)
46IJPP-D-13.00146 Accelerating Smith-Waterman Alignment of Species-based Protein Sequences on GPU IJPP(pending)
47IJPP-D-13.00140 Power Efficiency for Hardware/Software Partitioning with Time and Area Constraints on MPSoC IJPP(pending)
48IJPP-D-13.00138 Inaccuracy in Private BitTorrent Measurements IJPP(pending)
49IJPP-D-13.00128 Efficiently Restoring Virtual Machines IJPP(pending)
50IJPP-D-13.00115 OFScheduler: A Dynamic Network Optimizer for MapReduce in Heterogeneous Cluster IJPP(pending)
51IJPP-D-13.00099 YuruBackup: A Space-Efficient and Highly Scalable Incremental Backup System in the Cloud IJPP(pending)
52IJPP-D-13.00064 Automatic composition of heterogeneous models based on Semantic Web services IJPP(pending)