Program of NPC 2013



Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Thursday, September 19, 2013
Room 1


Opening Ceremony

9:15-10:30 Keynote Speech 1
11:00-12:30 IJPP Session I
14:30-16:00IJPP Session II
16:30-18:00IJPP Session III

Friday, September 20, 2013
Room 1
9:00-10:30 Keynote Speech 2
11:00-12:30IJPP Session IV
Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

Session 1:
Parallel Programming and Algorithms
Session 2:
Cloud Resource Management
Session 3:
Multi-core Computing and GPU
Session 4:
Parallel Architectures ( 1 )
Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

Session 5:
( 1 )
Session 6:
( 2 )
Session 7:
( 3 )
Session 8:
Parallel Architectures ( 2 )

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Local Tour and Farewell

Session Details:

IJPP Session I:
CCAP: A Cache Contention-Aware Virtual Machine Placement Approach for HPC Cloud

YuruBackup: A Space-Efficient and Highly Scalable Incremental Backup System in the Cloud

Efficiently Restoring Virtual Machines

IJPP Session II:
OFScheduler: A Dynamic Network Optimizer for MapReduce in Heterogeneous Cluster

An Adaptive Sampling Mechanism for Partitioning in MapReduce

Automatic composition of heterogeneous models based on Semantic Web services

IJPP Session III:
Accelerating Smith-Waterman Alignment of Species-based Protein Sequences on GPU

Data Reduction Analysis for Climate Data Sets

Inaccuracy in Private BitTorrent Measurements

IJPP Session IV:
Power Efficiency for Hardware/Software Partitioning with Time and Area Constraints on MPSoC

A Parallel Job Execution Time Estimation Mechanism Based on User Submission Patterns within Computational Grids

A Virtualization Based Monitoring System for Mini-intrusive Live Forensics

Session 1: Parallel Programming and Algorithms
A Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm Based on Graph Theory
        Zhenxi Sun, Yuebin Bai, Songyang Wang, Yang Cao, and Shubin Xu

Access Annotation for Safe Program Parallelization
        Chen Ding and Lei Liu

Extracting Threaded Traces in Simulation Environments
        Weixing Ji, Yi Liu, Yuanhong Huo, Yizhuo Wang, and Feng Shi

A Fine-Grained Pipelined Implementation of LU Decomposition on SIMD Processors
        Zhang Kai, Chen ShuMing, Liu Wei, and Ning Xi

FRESA: A Frequency-Sensitive Sampling-Based Approach for Data Race Detection
        Neng Huang, Zhiyuan Shao, and Hai Jin

One-to-One Disjoint Path Covers in DCell
        Xi Wang, Jianxi Fan, Baolei Cheng, Wenjun Liu, and Yan Wang

Session 2: Cloud Resource Management
A Network-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Datacenter
        Yan Yao, Jian Cao, and Minglu Li

Research on the RRB+ Tree for Resource Reservation
        Libing Wu, Ping Dang, Lei Nei, Jianqun Cui, and Bingyi Liu

Totoro: A Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Data Center Network by Using Backup Port
        Junjie Xie, Yuhui Deng, and Ke Zhou

A Cloud Resource Allocation Mechanism Based on Mean-Variance Optimization and Double Multi-Attribution Auction
        Chengxi Gao, Xingwei Wang, and Min Huang

ITC-LM: A Smart Iteration-Termination Criterion Based Live Virtual Machine Migration
        Liangwei Zhu, Jianhai Chen, Qinming He, Dawei Huang, and Shuang Wu

A Scheduling Method for Multiple Virtual Machines Migration in Cloud
        Zhenzhong Zhang, Limin Xiao, Xianchu Chen, and Junjie Peng

Session 3: Multi-core Computing and GPU
Accelerating Parallel Frequent Itemset Mining on Graphics Processors with Sorting
        Yuan-Shao Huang, Kun-Ming Yu, Li-Wei Zhou, Ching-Hsien Hsu, and Sheng-Hui Liu

Asymmetry-Aware Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multi-core Architectures
        Tao Zhang, Xiaohui Pan, Wei Shu, and Min-You Wu

Scalable-Grain Pipeline Parallelization Method for Multi-core Systems
        Peng Liu, Chunming Huang, Jun Guo, Yang Geng, Weidong Wang, and Mei Yang

An Effective Approach for Vocal Melody Extraction from Polyphonic Music on GPU
        Guangchao Yao, Yao Zheng, Limin Xiao, Li Ruan, Zhen Lin, and Junjie Peng

Modified Incomplete Cholesky Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm on GPU for the 3D Parabolic Equation
        Jiaquan Gao, Bo Li, and Guixia He

Partition-Based Hardware Transactional Memory for Many-Core Processors
        Yi Liu, Xinwei Zhang, Yonghui Wang, Depei Qian, Yali Chen, and Jin Wu

Session 4: Parallel Architectures (1)
Speeding Up Galois Field Arithmetic on Intel MIC Architecture
        Kai Feng, Wentao Ma, Wei Huang, Qing Zhang, and Yili Gong

Analyzing the Characteristics of Memory Subsystem on Two Different 8-Way NUMA Architectures
        Qiuming Luo, Yuanyuan Zhou, Chang Kong, Guoqiang Liu, Ye Cai, and Xiao-Hui Lin

Software/Hardware Hybrid Network-on-Chip Simulation on FPGA
        Youhui Zhang, Peng Qu, Ziqiang Qian, Hongwei Wang, and Weimin Zheng

Total Exchange Routing on Hierarchical Dual-Nets
        Yamin Li and Wanming Chu

Efficiency of Flexible Rerouting Scheme for Maximizing Logical Arrays
        Guiyuan Jiang, Jigang Wu, and Jizhou Sun

An Efficient Crosstalk-Free Routing Algorithm Based on Permutation Decomposition for Optical Multi-log2N Switching Networks
        Xiaofeng Liu, Youjian Zhao, and Yajuan Wu

Session 5: Miscellaneous (1)
Roadside Infrastructure Placement for Information Dissemination in Urban ITS Based on a Probabilistic Model
        Bo Xie, Geming Xia, Yingwen Chen, and Ming Xu

Relay Hop Constrained Rendezvous Algorithm for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
        Wenjun Liu, Jianxi Fan, Shukui Zhang, and Xi Wang

Energy Efficient Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Computing
        Dezhong Yao, Chen Yu, Hai Jin, and Jiehan Zhou

Session 6: Miscellaneous (2)
BotInfer: A Bot Inference Approach by Correlating Host and Network Information
        Yukun He, Qiang Li, Yuede Ji, and Dong Guo

On-demand Proactive Defense against Memory Vulnerabilities
        Gang Chen, Hai Jin, Deqing Zou, and Weiqi Dai

Mahasen: Distributed Storage Resource Broker
        K.D.A.K.S. Perera, T. Kishanthan, H.A.S. Perera, D.T.H.V. Madola, Malaka Walpola, and Srinath Perera

Session 7: Miscellaneous (3)
Probabilistic QoS Analysis of Web Services
        Waseem Ahmed and Yong Wei Wu

A Novel Search Engine to Uncover Potential Victims for APT Investigations
        Shun-Te Liu, Yi-Ming Chen, and Shiou-Jing Lin

Session 8: Parallel Architectures (2)
Conditional Diagnosability of Complete Josephus Cubes
        Lishan Lu and Shuming Zhou

Circular Dimensional-Permutations and Reliable Broadcasting for Hypercubes and M¨obius Cubes
        Baolei Cheng, Jianxi Fan, Jiwen Yang, and Xi Wang