Publication Model

Organizing committee has contacted with one related SCI journal, International Journal of Parallel
Programming, in order to have one SI this year to publish more than 10 papers from NPC submissions.

All the conference paper submissions will go through the journal submission system, with paper length and
requirement of the journal, but should specify NPC in paper submission. NPC PC members review paper sub-
missions through journal submission/review system in a fixed time frame, just like conference paper reviewing.

Then, top ranked reviewed papers (more than 10), according to the journal SI requirements, as potential
candidates to be published in the journal SI, and authors will be asked to revise the papers according to review
comments. Finally, if authors revise the journal SI candidate papers according to review comments (second
round review), these papers will finally be published in the journal SI. Otherwise, it will only be included in the
conference proceedings in LNCS. Furthermore, authors with accepted paper in journal SI should also register
the conference and give a presentation in the separate sessions.

In order to have more authors chance to exchange ideas at the conference, about another 30 papers will be
selected to be published in conference proceedings, in LNCS. All the workshop accepted papers will also be
published in the conference proceedings in LNCS.