Xuanhua Shi Chinese

Ph.D, Professor

Deputy Director,National Engineering Research Center for Big Data Technology and System (NERC-BDTS)

Deputy Director,Parallel and Distributed Computing Institute

Assistant Dean,School of Computer Science and Technology

Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Tel: +86-27-8754-3529

Fax: +86-27-8755-7354


Address: School of Computer, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan,430074,China.


Research Interests

  • General research interests: parallel and distributed systems.
  • Current research focus: scalability, resilience and autonomy of large-scale distributed systems, such as peta-scale systems, and data centers.

Opening Positions

I am currently recruiting self-motivated and dedicated Ph.D./M.S. students with solid background in systems, mathematics, etc.. If you are interested, come and talk to me, or drop me a message.


  • Computer Systems
  • Computer Organization Principle
  • Parallel Programming
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems, Partial supported by the EC Project EuroAsiaGrid under grant CN022 (103-305)

Research Experiences

  • past
    • Key Technologies of Cloud Integration Platform for Mobile Environment (No. 2015DFE12860), supported by International Science & Technology Cooperation Program of China, PI
    • Big scientific data processing optimization theory and technology (No. 61370104), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI
    • Supporting Infrastructure and Data Processing System for Translation Service Cloud (No. 2012BAH14F02 ), National Science & Technology Pillar Program, PI
    • Massive Education Resource Management over Cloud (No. MOE-INTEL-2012-01), MOE-Intel Special Research Fund of Information Technology, PI
    • High availability for Cloud Data Center (No. 60973037), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI
    • Desktop Grids for International Scientific Collaboration (DEGISCO), supported by EC FP7
    • Video Encoding, Transfering, and Intelligent Processing in Cloud (NO. 61133008), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Member
    • Interoperation between DG and Cloud, Technical Manager
    • Grid Dependability Evaluation (No. 60603058), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI
    • Basic Theory and Methodology of Virtualization Technology for Computing System (No. 2007CB310900), National 973 Basic Research Program, supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, member of the research team
    • LSPDS: Large Scale Parallel and Distributed Systems, LIAMA Project, Member
    • HUST-Intel Joint Research on Virtual Machine Management for Cloud Computing Environment, supported by Intel, Co-PI
    • Large Scale Scheduling Technology for Data Center, supported by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., PI
    • SafeScale, supported by Agence Nationale de la Recherche, INRIA post-doc in PARIS team
    • Application-supporting Middle-ware for network computing (No. 90412010),The important special project,supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, member of the research team
    • Service-oriented Maintance Tools - Guardian, Technical Manager
    • Application Placement Framework for Data Centers, Technical Manager
    • Cloud Resource Management for Grid Applications, Technical Manager
    • The "211" important special project, supported by the Ministry of Education of China , first phase
      • Campus Grid Platform Construction in HUST (No.G2003-CG001): Leader of the research team
      • ChinaGrid Grid Platform Construction(CGSP) (No.G2003-GP001): Member of the research team
    • Real-time Information Processing Platform (No. 413150401), member of the research team(PHD student)
    • Cluster Computing Software(No.2002AA1Z2102), National 863 Hi-Tech Research and Development Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, member of the research team (PHD student)

Selected Publications

  • Conferences
  • Invited Talks

    • Gearing Hadoop towards HPC systems, HPC Advisory Council China Workshop 2014, Guangzhou, 2014 (Invited Talk)
    • China Big Data and HPC Initiatives Overview, The 2016 workshop on Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC), Frankfurt, 2016 (Invited Talk)
    • In-memory computing: an efficient processing paradigm for big data, Northeast University, 2016 (Invited Talk)
    • Sunway TaihuLight Storage Systems, The International Workshop on HPC Architecture, Software, and Application at an Extreme Scale, Wuxi, 2016 (Invited Talk)
    • Design for Data Intensive Applications at Large Scale, International Workshop on Co-Design, Xi An, 2016 (Invited Talk)
    • Life-time based memory management for distributed data processing, National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou, 2016 (Invtied Talk)
    • Gabage collection optimization for in-memory data processing, Shenzhen University, 2017 (Invited Talk)


    • The Wuhan Chenguang Program, 2010
    • ISC Student Cluster Challenge, HUST Mentor, 2013, Highest LINPACK award
    • ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, HUST Mentor,2013. Best MIC performance award
    • The first China Student RDMA Programming Competition, HUST Advisor, 2013, first prize
    • ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, HUST Mentor,2016. Overall Champion award
    • ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, HUST Mentor,2016. E-Prize award
    • ISC Student Cluster Challenge, HUST Mentor, 2016, Highest LINPACK award
    • The fourth Student RDMA Programming Competition, HUST Advisor, 2016, first prize
    • The Execellent Natural Scientific Paper of Hubei Provence, 2016, first prize
    • The Outstanding Youth Foundation of Hubei Province, 2016


    • Master Degree Completed
      • Yu'e Xi,  Processor Load Based Multi-VM Scheduling System, May 2008. [now at CNWP]
      • Dachuan Huang, Hadoop Deployment and Tracing System, Jan. 2011. [now at  Ohio State Univ.]
      • Yuan Li, Deployment and Scaling System for Web Applications in the Cloud, Jan. 2012. [now at NetEase]
      • Bo Xie, Dynamic and Reusable Scheduler for Cloud Infrastructure, Jan. 2012. [now at NetEase]
      • Xibin Wang, Disk I/O Bandwidth Allocation Mechanism of Virtual Machines, Jan. 2012. [now at Baidu]
      • Pu Liu, Academic Evaluation System Based on Graph-theoretical Clustering, Jun. 2012. [now at Baidu]
      • Chencheng Bao, A Study of Routing and Congestion Control Technology in Delay Tolerant Networks, Jul. 2012. [now at Baosteel]
      • Xiaohu Bo, Response Time-based Replica Managemnet Strategy for Cloud Storage, Jan. 2013. [now at IBM]
      • Lixiang Tang, Web Application Online Development System in Clouds, Feb. 2013. [now at Amazon]
      • Yue Xu, Distributed Memory File Caching System for High Performance Computing, May 2013. [Now at WRI]
      • Haohong Lin, A Scalable Distributed Coordination Service on Cloud Platform, May 2013. [now at Intel]
      • Zhiwei Lu, Vehicle Recognition Based on Multi-feature Fusion, May 2013. [now at Standardchartered]
      • Ming Chen, A Distributed Data Processing System for HPC Cluster, Jan. 2014. [now at Alibaba]
      • Genmao Yu, Gearing MapReduce towards Iterative Computing, Jan. 2014. [now at Alibaba]
      • Junling Liang, An Asynchronous Graph Computing System on GPU with Hybrid Coloring Algorithm, Jun. 2015. [now at Alibaba]
      • Yongkang Liu, Predicting Disk Failures for Large-scale Datacenter by Machine-Learning Method, Jun. 2015. [now at Tencent]
      • Binsheng Zhang, Dynamic Cluster Strategy for Hierarchical Rollback-Recovery Protocols, Jun. 2016. [now at China UnionPay]
      • Huiming Lv, Research on Efficient Graph Computing Method and Programming Model in Out-of-core Environment, June. 2017. [now at Baidu China Ltd]
      • Xuan Luo, Communication Optimization for Graph Processing System Based on Multi-GPUs, Jun. 2017. [now at Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies China Ltd]

    Professional Activities

    • General Co-Chair, BGP'17
    • PC Co-Chair, NPC 2013, ScalCom 2011, CIT 2009, AGPS08
    • PC Track Chair, CCGrid'19
    • PC Member: ICPP'18, CloudCom'17, Cluster'17, ICPP'17, CCGrid'17, SC'16, CCGrid'16, EuroPar'16, Cluster'15,Cluster'14, ICPP'15, NPC'15, NAS'15, P2S2'16, P2S2'15,CloudCom'13,MAPREDUCE'12,VTDC'12, GPC-2012,TrustCom2012, CloudTech-HPC 12,CloudCom'12, MAPREDUCE'11, APSCC'11, CloudCom'11, ChinaGrid'11, MAPREDUCE'10, ISSR-2010, MAPRED'2010, ChinaGrid'10,ISSR-2009, ADIP-08, GPC2008
    • Track Chair, HPCChina'16, HPCChina'17
    • Publicity Chair, Grid'12
    • Publication Chair, NPC'14,ChinaGrid 2009
    • Guest Editor: IJPP
    • Journal reviewer: CSUR, TPDS, TCC, Parallel Computing, CCPE, JoS, FGCS
    • Panelist: SC'15
    • Proposal Reviewer: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, National Natural Science Foundation of China


    • Music is my favorite,I don't like all kinds,but I'm interested in all
    • Football and tennis

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